Contract teacher double the first salary?

Contents: Contract teacher double the first salary?

The 20,000 contract teachers who are appointed will receive almost double salaries in their first month of employment (according to the day they take office). ... In other words, all teachers who are appointed (for the first time) receive almost double their first month's salary.

How many years is the compulsory eastern duty for teachers?

(3) Teachers who are obliged to work must relocate to the service areas in the province or other provinces where the compulsory labor obligation is stipulated, on the condition that they work for a total of 3 years in the education institution they are in or in the 4th, 5th and 6th service areas in the province. in the request ...

When will the 2021 spouse status be announced?

After the applications received by the Ministry of National Education in January, the results are expected to be made available today, on January 29, 2021.

How can I learn about the newly appointed teachers to our school?

You can see it at with mebbis password.

Where can I see the results of 2021 Apology Group Appointment?

The results will be published at The notification, departure and starting procedures of the relocated teachers will be completed within the timeframes specified in the Relocation Calendar.

Where can I learn the results of the spouse status?

According to the announcement made by the Ministry of National Education, the results of the applications for spousal status, which were extended until 17:00 on Monday (today), are being wondered. The results of the disability group assignment will be published at ''.

Has the 2020 spouse status been announced?

Announcement has not been made yet about the results of peer assignment. According to the statement of the Ministry of National Education, the results of the teachers' apology group assignment will be announced on August 24, 2020.

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