How much is the car key?


How much is the key to the car?

Transponder (chip) keys: Car key prices in this class are as follows: Auto unlocker price: Between 300₺ – 1000₺. The price of the authorized service is between 1000₺ – 3000₺.

How much is a Fiat Linea key?

Fiat linea remote key price Fiat officials released their linea vehicles with two keys, one with remote control and the other with remote control. without remote, only chip. If the remote is lost, we can program a new one for 230 TL in case you come with a spare.

How much is a Fiat Fiorino key?

Fiat fiorino spare key without remote control price is 90.00 lira, including the feature of closing or opening the windows with remote control, 200.00 liras.

How much is a Fiat Doblo Key?

Fiat Doblo spare key price without remote control It is 200₺. Remote control spare key price is 350₺.

How much is an EGEA key?

The price of a spare key for Fiat Egea without remote is 300₺. The price of a remote controlled spare key is 600₺.

What does Fiat Linea key sign mean?

Key sign in Linea vehicles means that the vehicle's maintenance time has come. Many users have reported that the service overdue warning still appears despite the maintenance on the forums. Unless it is manually deleted, the vehicle will not be able to recognize that maintenance is being done.

How to solve the immobilizer problem?

How to Reset Imoblizer?

Insert your vehicle's own key into the ignition and turn on the ignition. (Do not operate, keep all lights on.) Then press and hold the “unlock” button while the key is inserted. Remove the key when there is a fault record in the vehicle. Then insert the key and hit the starter.

What should we do when the spare key is lost?

If you have a spare key, what you need to do is to pull your vehicle to a safe place, it can be a closed park or a parking lot. Then, as soon as possible, you should go to a reliable auto unlocker and have your lost key deleted from the vehicle's system and have a new one made.

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