Is a pension acquired property?

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Retirement pension is acquired property?

Accordingly, retirement bonus, severance pay, pension, old-age pension, widow's and orphan's pension, unemployment compensation, etc. payments are also subject to the property acquired during marriage regime. The payments received by the spouse before marriage are not acquired, but are included in the scope of personal property.

How does the fired civil servant retire?

Dismissal/expulsion from the civil service does not cause the loss of retirement rights. Depending on the fulfillment of the retirement conditions, the pension is paid in full. If all of his services have passed within the scope of 4/c (Pension Fund), a retirement bonus is also paid.

What does it mean to retire ex officio?

Ex officio retirement is It is a retirement transaction made by institutions due to the existence of the conditions in the Law, without their requests.

Can a measure be placed on the retirement bonus?

If the alimony receivables are accumulated, it is possible to put a lien on the entire retirement bonus. Unlike the pension, there is no such limitation in the pension bonus. Although the wage is a privileged receivable, indemnities and bonuses are excluded from this rule.

Is material compensations acquired property?

Payments made during the regime of participation in acquired property, for example severance pay, retirement bonus, are acquired

How does the resigning officer retire from the pension fund?

For those who have had a civil service of at least 10 years for retirement without working, within 6 months of their resignation, SSI' or have to apply. For example, a person who has served as a civil servant for 18 years can apply to SGK and pay the remaining 2 years optionally and gain the right to retire from the pension fund.

What is the ex officio retirement age?

Our members over the age of 65 prefer to retire by petition instead of retiring ex officio due to the age limit, or they are encouraged to petition with the guidance of their institutions.

What does TSK ex officio retirement mean?

Retirement Fund Law m. It has been implemented in accordance with provision 39 b-2. Accordingly, those who have completed 30 years, excluding the elected mayors and permanent commission members of the provinces, can be retired ex officio, regardless of age, when deemed necessary by their institutions and can be granted a pension.

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