What are the 4 elements good for?

What are the 4 elements good for?

What is the benefit of the additive 4 elements?


What does the 4 elements do?

The four elements "element" actually tells us about natural science. To decipher natural science, to absorb nature means to learn the secrets of life. In addition, these four elements are the messengers of the four seasons of the year. In ancient times, individuals and communities would come together to celebrate the equinox solstices.

What to do to raise the earth element?

Being in nature, contacting the earth-mud, eating a good meal, saving money Taking care of the garden allows to interact with the earth energy. Getting together with other earth people also raises their energies. Activities such as ceramics, sculpture, and cooking, where they can produce tangible things, are also very good.

What is the earth element good for?

The earth element in the body is good for our body. It symbolizes our connection with the earth, where the raw elements come from. With the deepening of our relationship with the world, we ensure our stability in balance stances. The earth element is represented by the root chakra in the body.

What does the earth element mean?

If the Earth Element is; There is a structure that is realistic, patient, practical, focused on concrete issues, reliable, traditional, grounded, careful, organized, likes to control, organized, closed to innovation, short of imagination, perfectionist, critical.

Soil What happens in the deficiency of the element?

The absence or excessive deficiency of the earth element indicates weak hair, nail and bone structure. In advanced ages, osteoporosis and bone fractures may occur, as well as a hump at the end point. The person who is missing the earth element feels himself without a foundation and rootless.

What should those who lack the earth element do?

Mother nature also cures the imbalance of the 4 elements. However, interacting with mother earth, hugging trees, talking with trees are good for the person who lacks the earth element (2) He finds healing when he connects with his roots and gains a sense of belonging.

If the air element is missing What should be done?

In order to balance the missing air element, light, dry, hot and stimulating foods should be eaten, and very cold foods and beverages should be avoided. Light exercise, light massage, hot and aromatic baths are supportive.

With which element to start yoga?

Space (Ether), as a source for all elements in ancient texts passes. Since the void element contains all the elements, it is defined as both the cause and the result of yoga practice.

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