What does 118 U Lions mean

What does 118 U Lions mean

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118 U What does Lions mean?

Lions are a group of volunteers who aim to contribute to the development of society and support social life, and who adopt unpaid service as a way of life and behavior.

What are Lions International Associations?

What is Lions Clubs International Association? It is a Global Non-Governmental Organization formed by 45 thousand Lions Clubs, with approximately 1.4 million Lion and 150 thousand Leo members, established in more than 200 countries and geographical regions around the world. Its English name is "The International Association of Lions Clubs." In the order issued by the General Staff to be notified against signature; He reminded that, under the Internal Service Act, officers are prohibited from membership in Masonic associations, Lions and Rotary clubs.

In which country is Lion?

Adopted by an Australian couple deals with many problems before it is acquired; After 25 years, he sets out to find his lost family.

What is the relationship between Rotary Lions and Freemasonry?

Lions clubs that serve the same purposes as Rotary clubs, although there are some differences in terms of establishment and working styles. It aims to spread freemasonry and to use non-masons and those who do not have sufficient qualifications for the benefit of freemasonry.

What does Rotarian mean?

Rotarians; They serve wherever and whenever possible. Rotarian; He is someone who does not consider his job only as a means of livelihood. For a Rotarian, his job and profession is a tool that enables him to live and serve other people. In addition, every Rotarian is expected to be loyal to their country and beliefs.

How to be a Lion?

HOW TO BE A LION? With the suggestion of a lion who has completed his membership for one year and fulfilled the membership requirement, and if the result of the club's candidate search is positive, he becomes a candidate member with the approval and invitation of the club board of directors.

Lion which language?< /strong>

What does this expression, which is sometimes used as a nickname and sometimes as a nickname, has been compiled with all the details. Leon is derived from the English word lion. The word lion, which means lion, is also pronounced as leon. Sometimes it is also shortened to Leo.

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