What does a mediator lawyer do?

What does a mediator lawyer do?

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What does a mediator lawyer do?

Mediators apply mediation methods that facilitate the communication of the parties and keep them at the table. It helps the parties to find their own solutions. While doing this, the mediator does not make a decision that resolves the issue, and does not offer the parties a solution option.

What does lawyer mediator mean?

Mediator; a person who has graduated from law school, has at least 5 years of experience in his profession, and has specialized training in mediation, communication and negotiation techniques (Mediation Law art. 20). Since lawyers can also act as mediators, it is seen that the phrase "mediator lawyer" is also used among the public.

What does mediator mean in court?

Mediation; It is a dispute resolution method that the parties to a private law dispute apply before or after the lawsuit is filed, under the arbitration of an impartial and expert third party (mediator) chosen by their free will.

How much is the mediator's attorney fee?


Attorney's fee for mediation activities up to 9.000.00 TL, 1.350.00 TL. fixed fee. However, this fee cannot exceed the actual receivable.

Is there a time to file a lawsuit after mediation?

In this context, if the parties cannot come to an agreement at the end of the mediation process, the lawsuit should be filed within 2 weeks from the date of the final report. Thus, after the mediation process, the period for filing a lawsuit has been explained with a clear regulation.

When does the mediator call?

After the mediator is selected, it is possible to invite the parties to the first meeting as soon as possible. . Completion of the mediation can be concluded within 3 weeks at the latest, and if it is considered that there may be an extension in 1 week, it can be concluded in 4 weeks in total.

Who pays the Mediator Lawyer fee?

Who Pays the Mediation Fee in Labor Litigation? In cases where mediation is compulsory, the parties do not pay any fees to the mediator. However, in other cases, the mediation fee is divided equally between the parties.

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