What does hypoplastic mean?

What does hypoplastic mean?

What does Popular Hypoplasia mean?


What does it mean to be hypoplasic?

Hypoplasia, or underdevelopment, is the congenital smallness of an organ due to underdevelopment. The organ carries all its anatomical features and can perform its physiological functions.

What is hypoplastic sinus?

Maxillary sinus hypoplasia (MSH) can be seen together with sinonasal symptoms as well as coincidentally. It is a paranasal sinus anomaly. CT sections of 250 patients who underwent paranasal sinus computed tomography for sinonasal complaints and other reasons were examined.

What is mandibular hypoplasia?

Mandibular hypoplasia, clockwise rotation of the mandible, wide gonial angle, ramus height and mandibular There is a reduction in corpus length. Disorders in the form of the mandibular symphysis may occur.

What is pulmonary hypoplasia?

Pulmonary hypoplasia is the underdevelopment of lung parenchyma, bronchus and pulmonary artery at varying rates. Depending on the severity of hypoplasia, patients may be asymptomatic or present with severe respiratory distress. The disease usually shows its symptoms in the neonatal or childhood period.

What is a hypoplastic testis?

If during laparoscopy it is seen that the veins of the testis and the spermatic cord have entered the inguinal canal, it is often seen that the vein and spermatic cord are hypoplasic (underdeveloped). In this case, we understand that the testis has descended, but it has melted because it cannot be fed.

What does the frontal sinus mean?

Maxillary sinus, the largest of the sinuses, is right next to the nasal cavity. . The frontal sinus, on the other hand, is in the upper neighborhood of the nose, located in the forehead bone. The sphenoid sinus, which is close to the posterior and upper part of the nasal cavity, is the most difficult to reach surgically.

What is the left maxillary sinus?

Maxillary sinus is located in the upper jawbone, symmetrically on both sides of the nasal cavity. They are anatomical spaces filled with air.

What is Pulmonary Aplasia?

Pulmonary agenesis; It means the absence of pulmonary vessels, bronchi and parenchyma. Although the same structures are not present in aplasia, there is a rudimentary bronchus in the form of a stump. Since agenesis and aplasia cannot be distinguished from each other clinically and pathogenetically, they are often used interchangeably.

What does cryptorchidism mean?

Cryptorchidism is a medical term denoting an undescended testis. It is typically detected during postnatal examination or occurs during a general examination shortly after birth. It can affect one or both testicles.

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