What does side liability mean

What does side liability mean

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What does ancillary obligation mean?

Ancillary performance obligation is defined as “any other obligation against the company, except for the capital investment debt and possible additional payment obligations imposed on the partner or partners by the articles of association”. It is defined as “individual obligations regarding the fulfillment of performances”8.

What is Impossibility of Flawed Performance?

Faulty Impossibility is regulated in Article 112 of the Code of Obligations as follows. “If the debt is not performed at all or properly, the debtor is obliged to compensate the damage of the creditor arising from it, unless he proves that no fault can be imposed on him.”

What is a Culpa in contrahendo example?

at the moment when it is clear that the contract cannot be established, let the market price of the goods be 2000 TL. In this case, if the contract had never been made, the goods could have been purchased for 1500 TL, but the contract was not established and the cost of the goods increased to 2000 TL. in this case, culpa in contrahendo, ie pre-contractual liability; It is 2000-1500=500 TL.

What is the secondary performance obligation, for example?

For example, a dairy product such as cheese, yoghurt and ayran is produced. In a limited liability partnership, an example of an obligation of collateral performance can be given as an example for the partners to supply the partnership with the amount of milk stipulated each year.

What is perfect performance?

With the perfect debtor's default, which is another manifestation of temporary impossibility of performance due to the coronavirus, the debtor declares that he is flawless and is obliged to force majeure. As soon as he proves that he is in default in paying his debt due to the existence of the reason, the contract will be void and the creditor will not be able to claim the losses incurred from the debtor.

What is ancillary performance obligation?

Co-obligations can be either in the form of ancillary obligations or in the form of protective co-obligations. Ancillary obligations to the performance serve to fulfill the essential act as required[15]. In this regard, the obligated person is obliged not to endanger the performance of the obligation[16].

What does performance of debt mean?

THE CONCEPT: The performance of the debt relationship It is the termination of the debt relationship by duly fulfilling it by the debtor against the creditor. SUBJECT OF PRESENTATION: It is the subject of the debt. It may be a part debt or a type debt. FULL PERFORMANCE: It is the complete fulfillment of the debt.

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