What heart strength should it be?

Contribution How much should the heart power be?

What should the heart rate be?

It varies for many reasons. Normal heart rate values ​​differ from person to person, but must be within a certain range. It is normal for adults and healthy people to have a heart rate in the range of 60-100 beats per minute. In people who have been involved in sports for a long time, the heart rate drops to 45-60 levels.

So, what causes cardiac muscle relaxation abnormality?

If there is a decrease in heart contraction strength, it is usually heartbreaking. muscle relaxation abnormality also accompanies it. However, cardiac muscle relaxation abnormality alone may cause heart failure, especially in elderly, hypertensive, diabetic and female patients.

Heart failure occurs as a result of decreased heart flow.?

Heart failure is a clinical picture that occurs as a result of decreased heart performance and the inability of the heart to send the necessary and sufficient blood to tissues and organs. It often develops as a result of conditions that impair cardiac performance or increase the workload of the heart, such as cardiovascular disease, heart attack, high blood pressure (hypertension), heart valve disease.

What are the causes of heart failure?

In patients with heart failure, initially heavy activities (running, climbing stairs, etc.) walking on a straight road, etc.) and in later stages, complaints of fatigue and exhaustion that occur during daily activities (washing dishes, bathing, cleaning the house, dressing-undressing, etc.) are seen.

Chronic heart failure or acute heart failure?

Acute heart failure picture may develop from time to time in patients with chronic heart failure. Complaints due to heart failure may vary from person to person and to the type of heart failure present. Therefore, most or only a small part of the described complaints can be seen at different levels.

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