What is DYS and how is it used?

What is DYS and how is it used?

What is trending DYS and how is it used?


What is DMS and how to use it?

Document Management System and, in short, DMSs are applications developed for the organization and management of information, documents and documents in digital environment. In addition, scanning and indexing your documents in the physical environment, which is frequently returned, provides fast access to these documents.

How to log in to DYS?

Connecting to DYS Type ”dys.meb.gov.tr” in the address bar of your internet browser and click enter.

What is DYS?

What is a Support Management System?

The system in which all processes from the first stage to the conclusion of the applications for the government support for the export of goods and services, as well as the Domestic Processing Regime, the Outward Processing Regime, the Tax Duty Exemption and Undocumented Export Credits, will be carried out in the digital environment.

What is Mebbis DYS?

DYS is applications developed for the management of organizations of documents, information and documents in digital environment. In addition, scanning the documents regularly and adding them to the DYS will enable people to access the relevant documents easily.

How to install DYS at home?

They prevent the installation of the program. .

Extract your current e-signature from the computer. Download DYS Installation File to Your Computer. Download the file to your computer desktop. Right click on the downloaded file and extract the file from RAR. Run the DYS_Kuru file. How to enter MEB DYS?

You can access the MEB Key installation guide at https://mebbis.meb.gov.tr/MAA/meb.anahtar.pdf. 6- After the MEB Key is installed, you can start using DYS by logging in with your personal password at https://mebbis.meb.gov.tr ​​and clicking on your DYS logo and TR ID number.

How to install DYS at home What is the UYAP Document Management System?

What is the UYAP Document Management System?

The National Judiciary Network Project (UYAP), using all the technological possibilities of today, is the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice. and provincial organization, its affiliated and related organizations, all judicial and administrative judicial units (Public prosecutor's offices, courts, enforcement and bankruptcy offices, penal execution and correctional institutions, forensic medicine units.

How is DYS set up at home?


How to watch MEBBIS distance education?

(If you do not have an EBA password, an Eba password must be created from the MEBBIS login tab.) e- Click on the e-Learnings tab on the Education Platform. You can join the training by clicking on the trainings opened under the name of the Training Program on the My Trainings page.

Can DYS be installed on the phone?

Important NOTE: DYS (Document Management System) City, District and School/Institution MEB does not operate outside of ADSL access. In order to use DYS outside of MEB ADSL access, you need to download and install the MEB Organizer application on your mobile phone.

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