What is Eta SQL and what does it do

What is Eta SQL and what does it do

What is the popular Eta SQL?

What is Eta SQL and what does it do?

ETA:SQL program not only offers advanced technology opportunities with the advantage of data security, flexibility, convenience and speed with the use of open database, but also provides corporate and advanced solutions with its modular and flexible structure.

What does ETA Current module do?

The purpose of this module; It is to give you the ability to do STOCK and CURRENT business and transactions in the package program.

Which module is Eta accounting program end of period transactions?

Reflection procedures to be done at the end of the semester and closing transactions that need to be done at the end of the year can be done easily and quickly through the Accounting IV module.

What is the ETA program and how to use it?

Eta is a program that follows all updates and can be updated online at the same time. . This program, which has been used in Turkey for more than 25 years, was developed by ETA Computer. It directly updates any legal change made in the field of accounting.

What does the Invoice Module do?

This is the section where invoice entry is made. This module is the section where the Serial and Commercial posting orders we have entered into the program are billed.

What is the ETA business ledger?

1. ( ) Business ledger; It is the ledger in which first-class traders monitor their economic activities. 2. ( ) To define the workplace information in the business ledger, enter the Company Information module in the ETASQL program.

What is the ETA system?

– ETA:SQL is prepared using Object Oriented technology and is an open database It has architecture. It has all the functionality you need. – It has the usual operating and graphics standards of Windows and uses SQL features.

What operation is the Shift F2 key used for?

Copy the selected content to a specific location . Press Shift+F2, move cursor to target and press enter. Define an AutoText block with the selected content. Add AutoText block.

What does ETA mean in accounting?

ETA is a software company that takes the lead among accounting programs in Turkey. Its long name is Integrated Commercial Application Programs. It is a program used by many accountants and very satisfied.

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