What is Niklas Luhmann?

What is Niklas Luhmann?


Niklas Luhmann (8 December 1927 - 6 November 1998) was a German sociologist, philosopher of social science, and an important thinker in systems theory, considered one of the most important social theorists of the 20th century.

German sociologist
I am from West Germany.
It aims to reconstruct sociology as a systems theory of society. As a method, we propose a structural theory that sees the existence (as function) of social order as a result of detailed functionality, systems formation, the selective operation of self-adaptive systems that reduce (or absorb) the complexity of the environment world. While specializing in administrative sociology, grand theories developed with universal validity conditions will attract global attention.

German sociologist. Sociologist of law, Parsons at Harvard University, Professor of Bielefeld University from 1968 to 1992. We developed phenomenology and social systems theory, while developing self-reference and autoposition as two axes. It is hypothesized that the formation of the system is the result of selective operation of the self-adaptive system to reduce the complexity of the surrounding world, and therefore functional structure theory, which understands the surrounding world as a system, can be effective. The pursuit of a general theory that generally confirms it is noteworthy as an effort to target general sociological theory after Parsons' passage. The book "Sociology of Law" (1972) etc.

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