What is proturan?

What is proturan?


any of several minute primitive wingless and eyeless insects with a cone-shaped head, moist soil or decaying organic matter


Protura or proturans and sometimes nicknamed cone heads are very small ( <2 mm long), soil-dwelling animals, so they were not noticed until the 20th century to the point of being ignored. Protura forms a lineage of hexapods that were previously considered insects and are sometimes considered a class in their own right.
Some evidence indicates that Protura is basal to all other hexapods, but not all researchers consider Hexapoda, although Hexapoda has become monophyletic restless. Uniquely among hexapods, proturans show anamorphic development, where body segments are added during moult.
There are nearly 800 species described in seven families. There are about 300 species in a single genus, Eocentomon. The general name of the first eye of insects. Also called Harazoe Obama. There are 63 species in Japan and about 650 from around the world, but a few unknown species are expected. Soil animals with a body length of 0.5 to 2 mm. Wingless colorless translucent or pale yellow. It is easily distinguishable from other insects as it lacks antennae in abdominal segment 12. It is also unique in that it performs conversion conversion. Depending on the classification method, it separates from the insect thread and forms a side insect thread with the eyebrow.

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