What is the right of innocent passage through territorial waters?

Contribution What is the right of harmless passage from the territorial waters?


What is the right of innocent passage through territorial waters?

The right of harmless passage or harmless passage; It is a maritime law concept that regulates the passage of a foreign-flagged ship through the territorial waters of another country. While every country has this right, they must also abide by the rules mandated by law and set by the host country.

Can the right of harmless passage be suspended?

Transit transit, an offshore or EEZ It has been accepted for international passage through the straits connecting the EEZ and another high sea or EEZ. Both types of transit cannot be suspended, but there are important differences between them: The right of innocent passage applies only to ships, whereas transit aircraft also applies.

Marine areas between the baseline of a coastal state and a land state what is it called?

In 1982 UNCLOS, the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is defined as the sea bed and the water layer remaining in the 200-mile-wide sea area from the line where the territorial waters are measured to the coastal state. and it is defined as the maritime area that grants exclusive economic rights and powers under its land.

Where is harmless passage applied?

It is applied in straits open to international navigation. There is no freedom of flight for aircraft belonging to other countries in the airspace over the territorial waters. There is freedom of flight. In territorial waters, submarines and other underwater vehicles have to navigate above the water and show their flags.

How many miles is the continental shelf at most?

In the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the territorial seas of states are not more than 12 miles. It was accepted that they could determine themselves. Today, the majority of states apply the width of their territorial seas as 12 miles.

What is the regime of passage through the Turkish Straits?

The Montreux Straits Convention, signed in 1936, is a treaty to Turkey in Istanbul. and the international convention giving control over the Dardanelles Straits and the right to regulate the passage of warships. The Convention gives Turkey full control over the Straits and guarantees the free passage of civilian ships in peacetime.

How many miles is the territorial sea regime implemented by Turkey in the Aegean Sea?

Today (based on 6 miles) 40% of the Aegean Sea is Greek territorial waters. If it is extended to 12 miles, 70% of the Aegean will become Greek territorial waters and less than 10% will become Turkish territorial waters.

What are the maritime areas subject to the sovereignty of the state?

There are two separate legal regimes for the sea part subject to the sovereignty of the state: inland waters and territorial seas. Some special regimes have been envisaged in favor of the coastal state in the parts of the open sea close to the coast. -Contiguous zone, continental shelf, exclusive economic zone are special regimes.

How many miles is the continental shelf?

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