What is the use of a cross cable?

What is the use of a cross cable?

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What does a cross cable do?

The cable used to connect two machines directly to each other without a hub in a UTP connection.

What does RJ45 connect to?


RJ45 (Registered Jack 45), connector with 8 metal ports on it. It is located at the end of the connection cables called ethernet, which are used for communication between computers and connecting computers to the local network.

Will it ping if the Ethernet cable is long?

No. If it is of good quality, there is no problem.

Where is the RJ45 cross connection used?

Most of us connect to the internet in this way, which is the type that connects to the computer via a flat connection direct modem. Cross connection is used to connect computers to each other.

Which colors are connected in internet cable?

Your white and blue cables need to be connected with cables of the same color. must. The other two cables are spares and in case of problems, it would be better to try to connect them. If the trunk or ADSL cable is not blue or white, it would be the right choice to connect it to the closest colored cable.

CAT5 What is CAT6 cable?

CAT6, It has a high transfer rate and is less affected by foreign signals in its surroundings, unlike CAT5 and CAT5e cables. Therefore, CAT6 has the feature of being one of the most used internet cables today. What are the Features of CAT6 Cable? CAT6 is a type of cable that offers high performance.

What does LAN on a modem mean?

LAN (Local Area Network) is the term used for the smallest network structure created by more than one computer. It is used as Local Area Connection in our language. In this type of network, devices must be physically close to each other.

What does a modem LAN cable do?

Lan is expressed as Local Area Network with its long spelling. In other words, it is possible to express it as a local network connection in Turkish. It is a preferred system for establishing network connections between computers that are close to each other.

Does Ethernet cable affect ping?

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