What is Transcription?

What is Transcription?


an act of making a recording (especially a sound recording) followed by recording from a soundproof stand arranging and adapting a piece of music A sound or television recording (eg, from a broadcast to tape recording) Something written, especially a recording a dictated version of dictation, copied from one center to another organic process in which the DNA sequence in a DNA is copied into mRNA, where a base sequence of messenger RNA is synthesized in the complementary DNA template.


Sutra copying is the practice of hand copying of Buddhist sutras in East Asia.

"Korobi" means that a Christian believer leaves and becomes a Buddhist. Its origin is 1614 (Keicho 19). It is said to have been taken for the first time. From 1935 (Kanei 12), transcribed books called "Nanban Seishi" or "Kirishitan Shuramento" were collected in Kyoto and Nagasaki. This book has the form in which the transferee vows to abandon Deus and Santa Maria, and has a psychological effect that disillusions the disguised transferee.
Hirokazu Shimizu

Copying and copying of Buddhist scriptures. Copying was made as the authority to copy was revealed to the Mahayana Sūtra, and it was done at the same time as the Buddhist translation at the end of Han in China, and the "whole sun" was already copied during the Wei Jin period. It was also generally popular in the Tang Dynasty. An official copy office was set up in the mornings of the North and North, expert Shuhei slammed the copy. In scriptures, too, letters are written in 17 rows per line, and letters / grass are written without specifying the number of letters in books written in China. In Japan, the wind of the Sui Tang began "every morning" with the start of 674 Kawaruji temples, a public sutra maker was established during the Nara period, and sutra life was also placed. In the Heian period, in addition to the general sutra, law, copyrights for rights, copies (those who write quickly using many sutras) (something that copies everything by one person), etc. → Decoration
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