What weapons does Livik have?


What weapons does Livik have?

With an area of ​​4 square kilometers, Livik offers fast and action-packed gameplay for 52-player battles. Each match lasts an average of 15 minutes. Along with the Livik map, this map's unique P90 submachine gun, Mk12 sniper rifle, and Monster Truck vehicle are added.

Which map is the M24 on?

The best way to find a sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. one of the good places is the Sosnvka Military Base. This place has a large loot percentage and you will definitely find a sniper rifle like the M24 or Kar98K in one of the buildings here. The next time you want to use a sniper rifle, head to this military base.

Which map is Pochinki on PUBG?

One of the biggest maps in the game, Erangel's cities include Georgopol, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana and There are places like Mylta.

Mini 14 Which map is it on?

Miramar map requires different tactics and strategies due to its unique nature. Miramar is a map as large as Erangel, but the loot is not evenly spread….Sanhok Unique Weapons:

QBU – DMR replaces Mini 14. QBZ-95 – Assault Rifle replaces SCAR-L.

What weapons are in Karakin?

A feature inherited from Vikendi to the Karakin map is the G36C weapon. This weapon, which was formerly found on the Vikendi map, is now available on the Karakin map. The G36C is a very effective weapon at short range thanks to its 5.56mm ammunition.

Where is the Erangel M24?

Here are the 5 best ways to find yourself an M24 sniper rifle on the Erangel 2.0 map. Location: Sosnovka Military Base. pochinki Novorepnoye.

On which map is the M1014 pumped?

With this update, the all-new semi-automatic shotgun M1014, which can be seen on Livik in the classic Battle Royale Map and Arena modes, has been added alongside other shotguns. The weapon, which can be loaded manually with up to 7 cartridges in total, is quite good for close range combat.

Where is Pochinki?

A map on the map of erangel, named after pochinkovsky district of moscow oblast (see: erangel). campus. In addition, there is a campus with the same name in many rural areas in Russia. The region that is the island of pubg.

Where is the PUBG map actually?

1. PUBG: School, Erangel. Real World Location: Pripyat swimming pool, Chernobyl Russia.

Where is Karakin?

Karakin, Western Australia, Australia.

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