When was the law of the jungle enacted?

When did the popular law of the jungle come out?


When was the forest law enacted?

The process of demarcation of forests was started in our country with the Forest Law No. 3116 of 8/2/1937, and with this Law, the demarcation of forests began five times. It is aimed to complete the forest maps, which will form the basis for the forest cadastre, within ten years.

In what year was the first forestry organization established in our country?

Forest General Directorate

GDF Establishment Date 1839) Type Forestry Commitment Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Address Ankara

Why aren't THK fire planes used?

Minister Pakdemirli said that THK planes are not used to respond to fires because their capacity is insufficient. Bayram Duman, who worked at THK, says, “The planes are not old, if they were used, the Manavgat fire would not grow.”

When was the law numbered 6831?

Article 12 – (This is the provision of the Law dated 31/8/1956 and numbered 6831.) The necessary transportation vehicles and legal allowances for the Restriction Commissions are provided by the forest administration. Article 19 – (This is the provision of the Law No. 6831 dated 31/8/1956.)

What is the Law No.6831?

a) According to the first paragraph of Article 1 of the Law No. 6831, it must be a forest. The required places are limited as State forest until the end of the case. b) Areas that fall within the exemption clauses of Article 1 of the Law No. 6831 and which should not be considered forests are excluded from the forest borders until the end of the case.

When was the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs established?

Turkey Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

General information Establishment date 1924 Previous institutions Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Type Ministry Affiliation Presidency of the Republic of Turkey

Why were THK pilots fired?


THK firefighting aircraft pilots fired by trustees stated that the planes leased from Russia are not suitable for Turkey's geography, and their maneuverability and pilot experience are weak. The pilots said, “The whole world uses the planes in THK's hands.

Why doesn't THK fly?

5 thousand liter condition Seymen said in a statement on his social media account, "30 THK, which has been fighting forest fires for years, cannot participate in tenders with its own aircraft. THK's planes have a water capacity of 4 thousand 900 liters, but they put a minimum requirement of 5 thousand liters in the specification. The domestic solution is thrown away because 100 liters are missing.

Which laws has been repealed by Law No. 6831?

ARTICLE 60. — The following additional article 5 has been added to the Forest Law No. 6831. Provisions repealed ARTICLE 61. - Forest Law No. 6831; The provisions of the 38th, additional article 1, the Provisional Article 1, the Provisional Article 6 have been repealed.

What does the Forest Law No. 6831 cover?

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