Where is the Petrose Apex?


Where is the Petrous Apex?

The petrous apex is a very complex region of the temporal bone due to its proximity to important structures. Cholesteatomas of the petrous apex are rare and usually congenital. These lesions usually spread to the labyrinth and/or facial canal before they are diagnosed.

Which animals do not have lobus medius?

Lobus medius is not found in equidae.

With which anatomical structures does the trachea be adjacent?

The neighborhoods of the trachea In deeper arcus venosus juguli, m. sternohyoideus and m. sternothyroideus is present. 2-4 tracheal cartilages are crossed by the isthmus of the thyroid gland.

What does apex mean?

Apex; peak. The end point of a cone or pyramid-shaped structure. Any end of a pyramid or cone-shaped structure. While the term “end” is generally used for structures outside the body (eg, tip of the nose, tip of the tongue), the term “apex” is preferred for structures inside the body.

What is petrous bone?

Petrose bone cholesteatomas are very rare; These are lesions that are difficult to operate because of their complex anatomical relationship with important structures such as the facial nerve, internal carotid artery, sigmoid sinus, jugular bulb, middle and posterior fossa dura, and cerebellum.

What animals are stony?


stony is a part of the bird class. comes after the stomachs of birds. While birds eat bait, maggots, rats and mice, they also eat stones. These stones fill the stony part. The rats that are chemically digested in the stomach are ground and crushed with stones as if they are going into a grinder. Briefly like this...

Where is the surfactant? found?


ing. detergent-like substance secreted by pneumocyte type 2 cells in the lungs, which makes the alveoli resistant to pressure. ( Meret, which is used to increase the surface tension. It stands for surface active agent olant substance. Deficiency can be seen in babies born prematurely. What is Lingula Sphenoidalis?

– sulcus caroticus: It is the groove on the lateral side of the trunk on the lower inner side of the Ala minor. In vivo, this groove is a. carotis The protrusion that limits this groove from the outside is called the lingula sphenoidalis.

What does lingula mandible mean?

The medical meaning of the term Lingula Mandibulae is Spix spur.

What does bronchus medicine mean? < p>Medical meaning of the term Bronchus: n. (pl. Bronchi) One of the two branches of the trachea, pulmonary tube, bronchus.

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