Which celebrities were born on June 13

Which celebrities were born on June 13

Guidelines Which celebrities were born on June 13?


Which celebrities were born on June 13?

Those Born on this Day in History on June 13

YEAR MONTH TITLE 1973 June Born in Ville Laihala Ville Laihiala is a Finnish musician sentenced vocalist. 1978 June Richard Kingston Ghanaian Footballer Born Richard Kingston, Ghanaian football player 1980 June Sarah Connor German singer Born Sarah Connor, German singer

June 6 Which celebrity's birthday?

June 6th in History

YEAR MONTH TITLE 1926 June Erdal İnönü Who is Birthday Erdal İnönü, scientist, politician. (ÖY-2007) 1934 June II. Albert, King of Belgium II. Albert, king of Belgium 1947 June Bjorn Borg, swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg, swedish tennis player What special day is June 13? 13/06/1872 Namık Kemal published the İbret newspaper. The administration was able to hold on to the publication of this idea newspaper for 27 days and closed the newspaper for a trivial reason. 13/06/1928 A contract was signed between the Republic of Turkey and the creditors of Düyun-ı Umumiye (Ottoman Debts). 13/06/1933 Beşiktaş football player, referee and journalist Şeref Bey.

What day is June 13, 2022?

Monday. On this page, we shared the information that June 13, 2022 coincides with a Monday.

Which zodiac sign is June 6?

The zodiac sign of those born on June 6 is "Gemini"

What World Day is June 6th?

Dietitian is a healthy diet plan and program that regulates the nutrition plan and program for the growth, development, protection of health and increasing the quality of life of individuals and societies in line with the principles of nutrition science. is a valuable professional group that raises awareness of the society for the next generation.

What does June 13 mean?

1973 – The Law on State Security Courts was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. 1977 – Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel resigned. The task of forming the government was given to the Chairman of the Republican People's Party, Bülent Ecevit. 1983 - The Pioneer 10 space probe becomes the first man-made object to leave the solar system.

What day is June 13?

According to astrology, there are 12 sun signs. The determination of these zodiac signs is based on the date of birth of the person. The zodiac sign of people born on June 13 is "Gemini".

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