Which liquid for pod mod?

Which liquid for pod mod?

What liquid for Lifeguards Pod mod?


Which liquid for pod mod?

The liquid to be used for pod mod devices is Nicotine-Only liquids. Pure nicotine liquids are generally produced in the range of 20mg to 50mg and at 50/50 VG/PG ratios.

What does Pod mod mean?

Pod Mod is a device reminiscent of a small capsule. They are small rechargeable devices (the working logic can be thought of as coffee capsules) that aerosolizes liquid solutions containing sweetener and other ingredients trapped in cartridges.

Does pod mod normal liquid be drunk?

Normal liquid is not used much in Pod Mods because the nicotine it contains will not satisfy. But you can use high 9 mg and 12 mg products. If you use a normal e-cigarette, you can also use normal liquid.

Is pod mod harmful?

The contents of Juul pod mod e cigarette models have been examined in detail and reports have been created accordingly. As a result of this research, it has been revealed that Juul pod mod models are more reliable than conventional cigarettes. In terms of pod mod damage, it has been revealed that normal cigarettes are less harmful than 95%.

Is Pod Mod Turkey reliable?

Is Pod Turkey a Trusted Site? With over 5 years of industry experience, wide stock range and experienced team, PodTurkey, which always works with the vision of high customer satisfaction and fast delivery, is classified as a Reliable Site.

With which coil is normal liquid used?

The atomzier coil of the electronic cigarette you will use should be 1 ohm and above the ohm level.

How many mg of pure liquid should be?

Most nicotine salt e-liquids are on the market. It is available in the hardness range of -50mg. If you are new to nicotine salts and have not switched from cigarettes, we recommend a hardness in the range of 20-35mg.

How many Ohms should pure liquid be?

Electronic cigarette coil ohms Is the level 1 ohm and above? If your answer is yes, you can use pure liquid. The atomzier coil of the electronic cigarette you will use must have an ohm level of 1 ohm and above.

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