Which mothers cannot breastfeed?

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2.Mother-induced Obstacles to Breastfeeding

Inappropriate mental health of the mother. Active tuberculosis detection of the mother. The fact that the mother is taking drugs that are excreted in the milk and may be harmful to the baby

Why do women stop breastfeeding?

Dr. Aslı Alay stated that nutritional deficiency, irregular nutrition and stress are among the reasons for weaning of the mother and said: “Especially intense stress and sadness can cause a decrease or cessation of milk. Even if the amount of milk is small, it is recommended for the mother to breastfeed at intervals of 2 hours.

Does milk come from someone who does not have a baby?

Contrary to popular belief, a woman can breastfeed without giving birth. Even women who have their ovaries and uterus removed can breastfeed. Even women who have had a miscarriage, whose baby has died in the womb, or who have gone through menopause can breastfeed. Because milk production has nothing to do with such anatomical and physiological conditions.

Is there any milk coming from the breast of a woman who does not have a child?

It is considered natural that milk comes out of the breast at the end of the pregnancy period or during the breastfeeding period. Milk coming from the breast during non-pregnancy periods is due to physiological, pharmacological reasons or pituitary adenomas. Although galactorrhea is mostly seen in women, some men also have the problem of milk coming from the breast.

Is the baby poisoned from breast milk?

Molecular Biology Specialist Dr. Bert Pöpping reported that breast milk causes allergies in some babies. Noting that the baby may die due to allergies, Dr. Pöpping suggested going to the doctor if symptoms were observed.

Is the milk coming back when it stops?

“It is possible for a mother whose milk has stopped, to be able to breastfeed her baby again. Thus, the milk channels are stimulated and milk production begins again. We repeat this every 3 hours that the baby needs to be fed for 1 week. After 2-3 days, drop by drop, at the end of the 3rd day, milk starts to come from both breasts.

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