Who is Abdu ALAMERİ?

Who is Abdu ALAMERİ?


Educational Sciences and Teacher Training Lecturer, author and reviewer


He studied bachelor and Master at Taiz University. He studied Ph.D. at the University of Science and Technology - Yemen and graduated in 2018 with a grade of excellent. He is a Lecturer and Faculty member in Applied Mathematics at the College of Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of Yemen, Sana'a, from 2010 AD until now, in addition to working as a coordinator of university requirements from 2015 AD. Also, he is a reviewer in several journals, such as the Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling (in Elsevier), IEEE Access (in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.), and the Journal of Chemistry (in Hindawi). He published more than thirty articles, mostly ISI and Scopus indexed, and he was awarded the Best Researcher Award in the College of Engineering for the years 2019 and 2020.


University of Science and Technology, Yemen

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