Who is Feride Çetin (Hercai TV Series Zehra)?

Who is Feride Çetin (Hercai TV Series Zehra)?

Feride Çetin (Hercai TV series Zehra)

Hercai TV series Who is Zehra? What Year Was He Born? Where was he born? What is his height and weight? What is Eye Color? What is the Zodiac Sign? Where did he graduate? Which TV Shows Has He Acted In? How Many Followers Does Feride Cetin Have on Social Media?

How Many Years Was Feride Cetin Born?

Feride Cetin was born on November 5, 1980. >

Feride Çetin was born in Istanbul.

How old is Feride Çetin?

Feride Çetin is 39 years old.

What is Feride Çetin's Height and Weight?

Feride Çetin is 1.60 cm tall and 53 kilos.

What is Feride Çetin's Eye Color?

Feride Çetin's eye color is brown.

What is Feride Çetin's Zodiac Sign?

Feride Çetin is a Scorpio since she was born on November 5th.

Where did Feride Çetin graduate from?

Feride Çetin graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Radio TV Cinema Department in 2001, and then received her Master's degree in Cinema-TV from Marmara University. She continues her postgraduate education at Marmara University as a doctoral student.

Who is Feride Çetin's Spouse?

Feride Çetin got married to Murat Özer in 2019.

Which TV Series is Feride Çetin in? Has she played? In which movies has Çetin acted? Then, she started her acting adventure by playing the character Behiye, who was discovered by Ataman on the set of the movie İki Young Girls, where she went to be Kutluğ Ataman's assistant, and was chosen as the leading role in the movie and received great acclaim.

What are Feride Çetin's Achievements?

< p>Feride Çetin was awarded the Best Actress award at the 13th Adana Golden Boll Film Festival in 2006 for her performance in the movie Two Young Girls. In the same year, he won three awards in total by receiving the Most Promising Film Actor awards at the 17th Ankara Film Festival and the 11th Sadri Alışık Cinema Awards.

How Many Followers Does Feride Çetin Have on Social Media?

Feride Çetin's Instagram account @feridecetinki has 258 thousand followers.

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