Why was cornflakes made

Why was cornflakes made

Lifeguards Why is cornflakes made?


Why is cornflakes made?

Cornflakes are a popular breakfast food. A breakfast cereal (corn) made by toasting malt. Cereal was created by John Harvey Kellogg in 1894 as a food he thought would be healthy for patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan. 0.2), sugar, barley malt extract, salt, antioxidants (tocopherol-rich extract, alpha-tocopherol). VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Calcium and Iron. [May contain almonds, milk and soy].

What to do with cereal for breakfast?

Recipes with Corn Flakes, Patisserie Profiterole, Chocolate Drop Corn Crispy Cookies, Cone Dessert, Chicken Bread, Bread Mix, Chocolate Cereal Cookies, Corn Flakes Dessert, Cereal Cookies, Dried Fruit Corn Flakes Chocolate Dessert, Corn Flakes Meat Schnitzel, Dry …

Corn how much to eat flakes?

Breakfast: Corn flakes are consumed by mixing a little cheese and milk. One egg is eaten. 2 days ; Breakfast: It is consumed by mixing cereal, some cheese and milk. One egg is eaten.

Do corn flakes work?

Consuming a fiber-rich cereal may be more beneficial for weight management. Cereals, for example, help keep you full for longer and reduce appetite. Sugar is also a carbohydrate. However, unlike fiber, it is not beneficial for weight loss.

Is cereal healthy?

Does cereal contain sugar?

For years It turned out that the world popular cereal products recommended as "healthy food" contain twice as much sugar than they should contain.

What to do with cereal?

Corn Crispy Recipes :

Chocolate Cereal Cookies. Metro Chocolate Cereal Cookies. Chocolate Balls from Corn Flakes Chicken Schnitzel with Cereal. Breaded Cornflakes Chicken (Popeyes Style)

What to eat cornflakes with other than milk?

It is to eat breakfast cereal, which is usually eaten with milk, with yogurt instead of milk. It is ideal for those who cannot drink milk. There is no problem in taste, it is very tasty. It can be used in cases where milk is not available.

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