Will compensation be received?

Will compensation be received?

Is there compensation when it becomes an object? by Admin July 4, 2020


Is there compensation upon death?

If the person dies, severance pay can be given to his legal heirs. Death compensation can only be given to spouse, minor children and dependents.

-The dismissal of a journalist whose employment contract has lasted for at least 5 years uninterruptedly becomes effective 3 months after the written notice. For those with less than 5 years of service, this notice period is 1 month. -A journalist or employee can always terminate the employment contract by giving a written notice of at least 1 month in advance.

How long can the employer not terminate the employment contract of the sick journalist in accordance with the Press Labor Law?

6-The journalist's employment contract Sickness: The employment contract cannot be terminated by the employer due to the illness of the journalist. However, if this illness is prolonged for more than six months, the service contract may be terminated by giving compensation.

The employment contract of the journalist cannot be terminated by the employer due to illness. If the journalist becomes ill for more than 6 months and does not recover, the employment contract is terminated by paying compensation. However, if he/she recovers within 1 year, the journalist has the right to return to his/her former job.

For example, the severance pay of the employee who is entitled to severance pay due to retirement will not be paid on the date he left the job, but on the date he submits the letter that he is entitled to retirement to the employer.

In calculations of severance pay, wages and wages paid to the worker are taken into account. During the calculation of severance pay, in addition to the wage paid to the employee, the gross amounts of all money and benefits that can be measured in money (road allowance, meal allowance, regularity, bonus payments, etc.) are taken into account.

As a matter of fact, severance pay is paid to the worker?

In Article 14 of the Law No. 1475, which regulates the severance pay, severance pay is paid to the worker by the employer for each full year from the date of employment, during the continuation of the service contract…….

Why is there a right to severance pay?

Since leaving the job due to pregnancy or birth reasons is considered as resignation in terms of legal regulation, the worker who leaves the job due to these reasons is deemed to have waived their compensation rights. 9- After how many years does a private sector employee have the right to severance pay as a result of resignation?

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