How old is Amy Dumas

How old is Amy Dumas

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How old is Amy Dumas?

Amy Dumas was born on April 14, 1975 in Florida. Not much is known about her past except that she and her family did a lot of moving around. Her parents divorced before she graduated from high school. She graduated 6 months early and became a roadie for 5 years and became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio Jr.

Are CM Punk and Amy Dumas dating?

C.M. Punk (2009-2010; 2013) – In 2009, Amy Dumas started dating Punk, when he moved to WWE. They dated together for a year and split in March 2010, which was confirmed by Matt Hardy. But, in April 2013, it was reported that the two of them were again dating each other.

When did Matt Hardy and Amy Dumas date?

Matt Hardy (1999-2005) – Matthew Hardy first met Amy in January 1999 during an NWA Mid Atlantic Show. They started dating after some months. The duo broke out in 2005 when Dumas cheated on him by dating fellow wrestler Adam Copeland.

When did Amy Dumas lose the WWE Women's Championship?

The happiness and joy of Amy Dumas' much talked about title victory; however, did not last long. Just a month later, Stratus defeated Amy, thus ending her second reign as Women's Champion on 9th January 2005. 6.

Did Amy has an action figure of herself made?


Has had an action figure of herself made. She won the WWF women 's title from Stephanie McMahon on August 21, 2000. Prior to getting into wrestling in 1998 she worked as a swimming instructor, a band roadie and in a tattoo parlor. Amy is trained in judo and kickboxing.

What is Amy Amy's job?

Amy is trained in judo and kickboxing. She played the bass for a band she was a part of called 3-Card Trick. She is the un-official “foreman” of Matt Hardy ‘s house while it is being constructed. She walked around for 17 days before finding out that her neck was broken.

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