Who is Mehmet Arik?

Who is Mehmet Arik?


Engineering Optics, Photonic Energy Heat Transfer


Dr. Mehmet Arık received his undergraduate degree from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1991. He received his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami in 1996 on "Investigation of Single Phase Turbulent Flows". He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2001 in the United States (USA). During his doctorate, he worked on "High Flux Heat transfer and MEMS".

He started to work as a specialist engineer at General Electric Universal Research and Development (GE GRC) in 2000. He was later appointed as project manager and established a global research group (12 researchers). Dr. Arık's research interests include cooling electronics, microfluidic systems, energy, medical, defense systems, solid state lighting systems (LED/OLED), photonics systems, and Six Sigma.

Dr. Arik is a member of ASME and IEEE professional engineering organizations. He is also an ASME honorary member. He has over 35 patents and many of his patents are currently under evaluation. He has over 80 international journal and conference articles.

Dr Arık. He works as an assistant editor in ASME TSEA and IEE CPMT journals.



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