Who is Şura İskenderli?

Who is Şura İskenderli?

Shura Iskenderli

The popular artist of the last period, Shura Iskenderli, originally from Azerbaijan, was born in November 1994 in Baku. The artist, who carries out all of his art works in Turkey, is known for his recognition in the youtube world. Reflecting his unique musical style, the artist is also known for his songwriting, since he has been fond of poetry and literature since childhood. Let's get to know Shura İskenderli, who devoted herself to music while continuing her education in English Language Teaching Department…

When was Shura İskenderli born?

Slow music singer Şura İskenderli was born on 17 November 1994 in Baku. She was born into an Azeri family.

How Much Is Shura Iskenderli Height?

Azerbaijani singer Shura is one of the female artists with a height of 170 centimeters.

How Many Kilos Is Sura Iskenderli?

Shura İskenderli, who is said to take care of her health, is said to have lost 60 kilograms.

How old is Şura İskenderli?

The year 2020 of İskenderli, who opened her eyes in 1994 It is known that he is within the age of 26 as of today.

Shura İskenderli Eye Color What?

One of the names with brown eyes is Şura İskenderli.

Şura İskenderli Lover Is There?

Shura İskenderli, who almost never comes to the fore with her private life, is thought to have no name in her life.

What is Şura İskenderli Burcu?

She was born in November. Shura Iskenderli from Azerbaijan is a Sagittarius woman.

Where did Shura Iskenderli graduate from?

Shura Iskenderli, who completed her entire education in Azerbaijan, studied at the Private Girls' University in Baku and graduated from is known to be. It is possible to say that the undergraduate education he completed at this university was English Language Teaching.

Where Was Shura Iskenderli Born?

The famous singer and songwriter Shura Iskenderli was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, which we know as our sister country. Şura İskenderli is of Azeri origin from both her parents' side.

Şura İskenderli Songs?

Şura İskenderli, who has reached 600 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, has many songs followed here. The most popular of these songs are; ' Whodi, Wet Match, Möhtaç, I Can't Break From You, Lies, Why, Listen, Burn Again, Ash, Don't Come Anymore.

Şura İskenderli Albums?

The artist's hit so far Although he has many songs, he has only one album and this album is called 'My Fears'.

Şura İskenderli Instagram Account?

The username of the singer Şura's Instagram account with 555 thousand followers is @

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