Does high blood pressure affect erection?

Does high blood pressure affect erection?

As for hypertension; Many studies have shown that high blood pressure can cause problems in erection independent of other risk factors. As the severity of blood pressure increases and its duration increases, the incidence of this problem increases.

Can those with high blood pressure use Viagra?

One of the drugs developed for use in cases where the erection of the penis, whose medical name is erection, is not complete, is on the market. Sildanefil, trade name Viagra. These drugs, which expand the vein by relaxing the muscles in its wall, reduce the diastolic and diastolic blood pressure by 10 mmHg in healthy people. -Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat, “One of the most important side effects of high blood pressure occurs in sexual life. According to a study, half of men over the age of 40 with high blood pressure have erectile dysfunction.

Is high blood pressure harmful to sex?

One of the most important side effects of high blood pressure occurs in your sexual life. Both high blood pressure and drugs used in the treatment of this disease can reduce performance. Many patients also avoid sex, worrying about their blood pressure getting higher.

Can diabetics and blood pressure patients use Viagra?

►Can diabetic patients use Viagra? There is no harm in using Viagra for diabetic patients.

How does having sex affect blood pressure?

Does sex increase blood pressure? Sex raises blood pressure as much as light-to-moderate exercise. It can increase systolic (large) blood pressure from 120 mmHg to about 150-180 mmHg. However, in activities that require less effort, blood pressure does not rise that much.

Does having intercourse reduce blood pressure?

Scientists say that a good regular sexual intercourse can reduce blood pressure as successfully as medicine. As a result of the examinations, it was seen that people who have a regular sexual life are more successful in controlling stress than others. blood pressure may rise. It is a natural process to see blood pressure rise during sexual intercourse, as in other activities. However, this rise is short-lived, there is no problem for the patient.

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