What is Emperor Go-Suzaku?

What is Emperor Go-Suzaku?


Emperor Go-Suzaku (後朱雀天皇 Go-Suzaku-tennō, December 14, 1009 – February 7, 1045, in what has become traditional) became the 69th emperor of Japan.
Extended Go-Suzaku's reign from 1036 to 1045.
This 11th-century ruler is named after Emperor Suzaku and go- (後) from the 10th century. and thus, it is sometimes called "The Later Emperor Suzaku". The Japanese word "git" also means "second"; and in some ancient sources, this emperor may be described as "Suzaku, the second" or "Suzaku II".

Emperor who is considered to be the 69th generation. He reigned 1036-45 years. The third prince of Emperor Ichijo, his mother is Empress Dowager Akiko (Kamitomonin, woman of Fujiwara no Michinaga). 諱 (Imina) is Atsura. After the retreat of Atsuakira-shin, Prince of Sanjoin, in 1017 (Kannin 1), he became the emperor's younger brother after his mother and brother. 36 years later (Chogen 9) Emperor Ichijo died and took the throne. In February of the following year (Choryaku 1), Princess Teishi of Sanjo (his mother was the daughter of Michinaga) became empress, and in March of the following year, Princess Teishi of Kampaku (daughter of Prince Atsuyasu Ichijo) became empress. empress. On New Year's Day 1945, due to illness, the prince was transferred to Emperor Go-Reizen and died two days later. During the reign of the emperor, there were many disasters such as epidemics, and there were events that made us feel the increase in the violence of temples and shrines, such as the large-scale complaints of the Enryakuji priests and the acceptance of Ise Jingu Negi. and others to Tokyo. The emperor's motivation for politics can be seen, including the decree to suspend the mansion in the year (Nagahisa 1). There is an emperor's diary "Emperor Go-Suzaku" ("Choryaku"), but only the lost literary work is transmitted. The tomb is the Enjoji Temple (Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City).
Nobuo Kuroita

Emperor of the Middle Heian period. Race 1036 - 1045. 諱 (あ み な な) is Atsura (あ な な が). The 3rd princess of Emperor Ichijo, his mother is Akiko (Kamigamido). 1045 deferment to pro-trinavian parent (Emperor Shimonoseki) in 1045 due to illness. "The Suganaku Emperor Posthuman Poster" ("Long Almanac") is written, but only sent to Yukinaga.

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